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We now offer a wider range of thermoplastic road marking products such as thermoplastic line markings, (yellow and white) stencils, disabled symbols, arrows, speed roundel, letters and numbers etc. Same day dispatch for more information about delivery times please call our sales dept on 0800 096 57 57.


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Line markings are commonly used to define boundaries for private parking areas they can also be used for boundary identification. Most off street parking comes with a parking space which is generally marked out in white paint. The parking bay has a set standard in dimensions which is a standard used.  The paint is of a durable nature and if initially applied correct will have a 10 year shelf life.  If you have completed a development, resurfaced the area or simply want to repaint the existing worn lines you can contact us for a quote. We will provide a quote based on the distance we have to travel to your site and the time spent together with materials required.  



This involves using equipment which will dispense a line marking from a canister shown in the diagram the colour can be changed by changing the aerosol cartridge. This method of identification involves careful use. Its applied whilst walking with the dispenser at a constant pace keeping the trigger pulled, This method of line marking has a short life span if used in private car parks its better suited to tennis courts and sports applications

Spray Can Marking machine



Road paint marking is generally carried out by contractors who have equipment and vehicles that heat up a material and then apply it to our roads and motorways see diagram the work is skilled and is carried out to a BS standard this is the most common way to cover larger areas on the public highway

Road Line Painting work carried out



The new DIY thermoplastic roll out line marking has made it easier for you to mark out your own parking area and saves the expense of getting a contractor. The product is available from our website in 5 meter rolls there are a wide variety of stencils to complete any car park marking project Other colours are available on request.

Road Line Painting work carried out



Clean the surface with a brush to remove any loose debris, use the recommended primer to apply to the surface roll out the line marking to the desired length. Once you have the line marking layer down use a propane burner torch to heat and melt the material on to the surface.



Road marking paint is available is several different colours the main two types available are white and yellow.



This is a relatively new technology you simply purchase the required amount of the material in a roll this is then laid out on the surface which must be free of any debris. Using a blowtorch this is then heated which melts the paint on to the surface. This method is a cost effective way to reline a private car park as opposed to using a road marking contractor.

DIY Thermoplastic Line Marking - easy to install



There are two ways of achieving this, as indicated below is one option the other is to purchase the preformed rolls. If you are working on the public highway then you must comply with the necessary road surface marking regulations. The road surface marking association publish guideline for on street application, together with approved contractors White line marking equipment also has to be approved and contractors need to where head to foot high visibility reflective clothing to ensure the contractors can be seen day and night.

white line marking



Line marker paint is manufactured by several companies in the uk and is used to make the thermoplastic type, it also comes in the form of granules used by contractors who melt the product to apply to the surface. It comes in liquid and solid form and a variety of colours.

Lines / Rolls supplied in 1m/5m rolls, various widths
Triangular Signs – School Crossings
Speed Roundels
Give Way Triangles
Bicycles Symbols
Disabled Symbols
Walking Man Symbol
Mother and Child Symbol
Hazard Teeth
Arrows – straight, turn left/right, deflection right/left, bu-directional right/left
Letters & Numbers – all colours
Playground Markings – alphabet jump boards, clocks, dartboard, snakes & ladders etc

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